About Us

About Us

Umika Technologies has a mission statement to provide our customers with a complete range of Internet services, such as Website Design and development, hosting, e-commerce, and online marketing. Umika was founded in 2008 to address web development needs of small to medium-sized businesses. Umika began with a vision to connect people and businesses from around the world into a community that could work seamlessly together regardless of location and personnel.

Service we offer

Hire Full Time professionals at 1/3 rd cost.

The best talent in the industry is now available on the web and that too at a petite fraction of the cost of having things done on-site. While you enjoy the advantages of having full time personnel that works exclusively for you under the stringent process controlled environment at Umika Technologies, feel free to take a break and track progress from wherever you are.

Think of taking that long overdue vacation. Forget attrition as your developers will work and be managed at our end in India, following your directives sent from anywhere on the globe. Sit back and enjoy the sunset in Hawaii, while your work gets done -in real time- by personnel, on full time equivalent (FTE) basis. The developers will work and be managed at our end in India -following directives from your end. Now you can recruit and hire individual employees or a team of programmers, software developers, coders and designers, who will work for you exclusively, on your project/s, on full time equivalent (FTE) basis. Full time equivalent ( FTE ) skilled programmers coders.

Umika Outsourcing Model

Umika Outsourcing Model

Umika Technologies enables companies, particularly SMEs, based in any part of the world to outsource just about any office work, irrespective of the field or profession. Umika helps these companies hire a full-time dedicated employee who works for them exclusively from our well-maintained office here in India. With Umika, you outsource to India by hiring your very own dedicated Professionals. Hiring an Professionals with us is just like hiring a local employee in your country.

Business Engagement

Business Engagement

Software development projects that are built around a fixed budget, timeline and cost, are referred to as Fixed Duration projects. For small to mid-sized projects where the end-user is the buyer of a product or a service, this is the most common of all delivery methods.
Opt for the Fixed Prices Business Model if

  1. The anticipated duration of the project is low.
  2. Requirements are not likely to change during the development process.
  3. The requirement is for a Business-to-Customer (B2C) venture and perhaps starting on a low scale/key.
  4. Enhancements to features and functions are likely to follow only after project implementation and not during the development process.
  5. Software implementation is governed by ‘extremely’ tight budgetary and financial constraints.

Under this option, the customer pays a pre-negotiated fixed price for the complete project scope agreed upon, which in turn is linked to well-defined deliverable. The cost of the project escalates only when there are changes to the requirement. We have a well-defined change management process which helps customers justify the extra time and cost.

Projects that are contracted for a defined (or open ended) number of hours are referred to as Time & Materials projects. With such projects, tasks are mapped to total number of hours spent on that task; detailed reports for ‘hours spent’ outline and enable authenticity and cross-verifications.
Opt for the Fixed Prices Business Model if

  1. Requirements, features and specifications for the software being developed, are likely to evolve at any stage during project development.
  2. The anticipated duration of the project cannot be estimated (or if estimating a fixed duration for the project can lead to counter-productive results).
  3. Between the two, ‘Getting it right’ is more important than ‘Getting it right on time’.
  4. Substantial architecture-level and structural changes are likely to occur while the software solution is being developed.
  5. You would like to work with us for a defined number of hours that are not necessarily continuous (for example, eight hundred hours over five months).

This model provides the clients with flexibility of being able to make changes or amendments to the project scope on an ongoing basis and updating modifications to the project keeping in line with the ever evolving market demands. We have very strict project management and reporting practices whereby task sheets are generated on a daily / weekly basis for each of the developer on the project.

Full Time Equivalents is an IT staffing solution wherein our personnel are assigned to and are dedicated to your project and therefore, designated by us for your purposes alone. Personnel can be software engineers, project managers, software testers, software analysts or consultants.
Opt for the Fixed Prices Business Model if

  1. Client would like to augment and extend your staff to our development center (virtual staffing) while making the best use of our offshore billing rates.
  2. The nature of software development is along the lines of one that requires our resources and personnel to possess and/or acquire expertise in a domain or vertical.
  3. Software to be developed and implemented is ‘enterprise class’ and will require continuous versioning & feature enhancements.
  4. Releases and re-releases are anticipated from the start; changing specifications will be governed by market conditions; maintenance and support is inherent to already developed portions and modules of the software.
  5. Your IT personnel are likely to work in conjunction with ours, for the continuing fulfilment of one or more of the possibilities mentioned above.


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